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William R.and Johanna Owen

William and Johanna Owen

Husband's Full Name:  Dr. William Roy Owen

Husband's Place of Birth:  Iowa, USA

Husband's Father's Name: William Eugene Owen

Husband's Mother's Name:  Frances Antonette Whitaker

Husband's Siblings' Names:

Wife's Full Name:  Johanna Skogmo

Wife's Place of Birth:  Elbow Lake, Minnesota

Wife's Father's Name:  Tomas Anton Skogmo

Wife's Mother's Name:  Johanna Olasa Kvittum

Wife's Siblings' Names:  Anna, John T, George B, Jacob, Arthur, James, Alpha, Magda, Arthur, Harold

Children's Names: none

2nd Wife’s Name:  Sadie Leet

Children’s Names:  Mary and William Eugene Owen

Dr Owen and Johanna Skogmo to right Olin

Dr. Owen began his medical practice in 1903 in Iowa.  He came to Manfred in 1914 and served as a doctor in Manfred until 1920.  At that time he moved to Oakes and served as their doctor until September 1923 when he went back to Osage Iowa and continued to practice medicine in that community until his retirement.  He died in Iowa in 1960 at the medical center where he had undergone surgery. 


In February 1915 Dr. Owen married Johanna Skogmo in Manfred.  This marriage lasted only 6 weeks, as Johanna became ill and died at the young age of 21 years. 


Dr. Owens built a large home in Manfred which was later lived in by P.B. Andersons.  He married Sadie Leet in about 1917 and they had two children, both born during the time they were living in Manfred.

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