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Post Office

Location: Block 3, Lot 6

Post Masters: Oscar Ongstad, Edgar Flick

Year Started: 1944 at this location

Year Ended: 1992

History of Business: Oscar Ongstad bought the bank building when he was appointed postmaster at Manfred in 1944. He retired in 1962. At that time Marlys Koenig became acting postmaster and in 1964 Edgar A. Flick was appointed postmaster. He remained in that position until the post office was closed in October 1992. Edgar is a descendent of T. K. Rogne, the first postmaster in Manfred.

Daisy – Post Office

Reference points:

Red rectangle - Manfred School

Blue rectangle - Vang Lutheran Church

Purple rectangle – Post Office/Bank

Green rectangle – Solheim Station

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