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Jens and Marie Renden

Husband's Full Name:  Jens Gustav Renden

Husband's Place of Birth:  Trondheim, Norway

Husband's Father's Name: Kornelius Jensen Rendenplass

Husband's Mother's Name: Olava D. Bartnes

Husband's Siblings' Names: Unknown

Wife's Full Name:  Marie Sophie Hedahl

Wife's Place of Birth:  Twin Valley, Norman, Minnesota

Wife's Father's Name:  Nils Erickson Hedalen

Wife's Mother's Name: Marit Sveinsdotter Hedalen Dale

Wife's Siblings' Names: Edwin, Ole, Selmer, Ella

Children's Names: Marion, Charles, Norma, Delores, Ingrid Olene (Dolly), Joanna, Margaret (Peggy)

Wife’s Stepmother:  Inger Andersdtr Hagen

Wife’s Half Siblings:  A.E. (Anton Edward) Hedahl; Margaret (Mrs. Calmer Narum) and Adolph Casper, who died as an infant.

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Mrs. Jens (Marie) Renden was born near Twin Valley, Minnesota, on October 6, 1887. Her parents, Nils and Marit Hedahl came from Øystre Slidre, Valdres, Norway and settled at Twin Valley, MN. She spent her childhood and teenage years here. In 1898, at the age of ten, Mrs. Renden's mother passed away; consequently Marie was unable to attend school beyond the sixth grade. In 1900 her father married Inger Anderstr Hagen.  They had three children, one who died as an infant.

After spending the summer of 1908 working in Watertown, South Dakota, Marie took up a course in dressmaking in Ada, Minnesota, and became a seamstress and dressmaker of known skill; highly superior in her line of work.  She continued this trade in Manfred.

In the year 1909, her father and stepmother moved to Mercer, North Dakota where he joined his son in the hardware store business, but Marie Hedahl came to Fessenden, North Dakota after completing her course in sewing. Later she arrived in Manfred where she met Jens G. Renden, Jens Renden was born April 5, 1871 at Trondheim, Norway.  At age 22 he came to the USA first to Elbow Lake MN, Wendell Minnesota for 2 years, and then to Manfred. In 1910 they were married.  They had seven children. He was the local blacksmith, and it is said he was the best blacksmith in central North Dakota.  He passed away in 1945.  


Marie lived in Manfred from 1910 to 1958, a period of 48 years. Seven children were born, one son and one daughter died in infancy. The living children are: 1) Marian - Owner and Manager of Robertson's Store, Bismarck, North Dakota; 2) Norma - Mrs. Ross Cook of Mohall, North Dakota; 3) Dolores - Commercial Artist, Dakota Photo Engraving Co. Fargo, North Dakota; 4) Olene (Dolly) - Mrs. C. F. Marty, Moorhead, Minnesota; 5)  Margaret (Peggy) Cashier, Robertson's Store, Bismarck, North Dakota.

In March 1926, Mrs. Renden's sister, Mrs. William Peterson of Mercer died in childbirth. After returning from the funeral, Mrs. Renden became very ill with pneumonia. When she recovered, she took her sister's son into her heart and home and brought him up giving him the same mother's love and attention she did her own children. Young Wilbur Peterson has now reached manhood and is holding the position of superintendent of Schools in Wellsville, Kansas. He is married and has four sons: Mark, David, John and Paul, all beautiful biblical names. The other grandchildren are Judith, Timothy and John, children of Mr. and Mrs. Ross Cook; and Carol, Janet, Alan and Gary Marty, whose parents are Olene and Court F. Marty.

Through the years, Mrs. Renden was a devout member of Vang Lutheran Church and of Vang Ladies Aid. She is endowed with a rare personality, exemplifying her time and talents in quietly helping others who are in her midst.

Mrs. Renden died Friday, February 23, 1962 in Bismarck, ND where she had resided since 1959 with her daughter Marian. The funeral was Monday with the Pastor A. B. Solberg officiating.  She was buried in the Vang Cemetery next to her husband Jens.

Marie Renden story written April 20, 1961

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