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Roble-Hanson Department  Store

Location: Owned property Block 3, Lots 2, 3, 7

Proprietor: Olaf Roble and Fremont Hanson

Year Started: 1917

Year Ended: 1918

History of Business: The Manfred News of January 25, 1917 announced “On January 23, 1917, S.N. Willborg transferred the general mercantile stock and store to Olaf Roble and V. F. Hanson. The new firm is known as Roble & Hanson. Mr. Roble is the son of former representative T. O. Roble, and has been successful as a landowner and in other business affairs. Mr. Hanson came from Enderlin some years ago and is already well acquainted with Manfred and the people in the town’s vicinity as head clerk for Mr. Willborg. Both are young men of good reputation and wide acquaintance and we predict for them success. Mr. Willborg began business in Manfred 21 years ago and is now planning to move west. Olaf Roble and Fremont Hanson were co-owners of the Roble-Hanson Department Store. When the store burned down, Olaf went to college in Fargo studying steam engineering as well as the violin. V. F. Hanson joined the boys of the last draft on April of 1918 and left for Camp Dodge via the 106 (train).

Star – Roble-Hanson Department Store

Reference points:

Red rectangle - Manfred School

Blue rectangle - Vang Lutheran Church

Purple rectangle – Post Office/Bank

Green rectangle – Solheim Station

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