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Ole H. Røbole

Full Name:  Ole Halvorson Robøle

Place of Birth:  Øystre Slidre, Oppland, Valdres, Norway

Father's Name: Halvor Jorgerson Røine

Step Father’s Name: Ole Jorstad Nelson

Mother's Name: Marit Nilsdtr Robøle

Half Brothers’ and Sisters’ Names: Nels Nelson, Alfred Nelson,

Julia Aas (Martin); Bertina (Erick) Aas

Roy, Ruth, Cora, Stub Ole, Muriel and Os

Ole H. Robøle was born December 27, 1864 in Øystre Slidre, Oppland, Valdres, Norway to Marit Nelson Robøle and Halvor Jorgerson Roine, baptized in Hegge Church and confirmed May 23, 1880 in Hegge Church. His mother Marit later married Ole Jorstad Nelson and immigrated to Manitowoc, Wisconsin.


Ole emigrated from Øystre Slidre, Valdres, Norway. On April 21, 1886 he traveled on the Angelo with 8 other young people with the destination of Manitowoc, Wisconsin to join his parents.  Ole lived with them there until 1887, when they moved to Otter Tail County, Minnesota. Ole became naturalized in Otter Tail County on December 7, 1895. 


When his parents decided to move to Pierce County, North Dakota, Ole came along. On April 18, 1899, Ole applied for a homestead on 160.24 acres of land in Heimdal Township, Wells County.  He retained ownership of the land until his death in 1924, but leased it out for several years. He felt it was not easy living alone and because he had relatives in the Manfred area, he decided to leave his land in Heimdal Township and move to Manfred to live and work.


Ole had many ties in the Manfred area. Ole's first cousins were Ragndi Jorstad (Mrs. T. T. Jorstad) and her brother Nels Jorstad.  Ole's mother Marit was a sister to Ole Nelson Robøle /Jorstad, the father of Ragndi and Nels Jorstad.


Ole was also related to Mrs. Ole S. Hedahl (Ingrid Jorstad). Ingrid's eldest sister Marit Jorstad was married to Ole's stepfather's brother Nils Jorstad from Otter Tail County, Minnesota.  So Ole felt comfortable living in the Manfred area surrounded by his relatives. 


In the early teens Ole lived with and worked for Ole S. Hedahl and family, then about 1919 he lived with and worked for Oscar J. Melby and family. Cora Melby remembered that Ole helping her learn English, which she was required to do in order to start 1st grade. 


Adolph Shirley also remembered Ole helping on Olaf Roble's threshing rig in 1920.  Olaf Roble's threshing rig threshed Oscar Melby's fields that year.


During the harvest season, Ole was a spike pitcher on the bundle wagon.  He specifically chose to pitch bundles because he didn't want to drive horses and he could not lift the bundles from the field onto the bundle wagon because of his short stature.  Ole was called "Stub Ole" because of his small stature.


Ole was a quiet man, but an ambitious worker and enjoyed his friendship with everyone in the Manfred area.  He often visited his half-sisters Bertina Aas in Douglas and Julia Aas in Rugby. North Dakota.


Ole H. Robøle died February 11, 1924 from lobar pneumonia at 59 years of age. He died at the Oscar J. Melby farm, which had been his home for several years.  Oscar was the informant on Ole's death certificate and also was the Administrator of Ole's estate. Ole's property was willed to his parents Marit and Ole Jorstad Nelson of Rugby.


Ole H. Robøle is buried in the Vang Lutheran Cemetery, Manfred, ND. 

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