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Roy and Esther Rodacker

Husband's Full Name:  Roy Rodacker

Husband's Place of Birth:  West Norway Township, ND

Husband's Father's Name: Thomas Rodacker

Husband's Mother's Name: Minnie Pepple

Husband's Siblings' Names: Betty (Gene Melby), Margaret

(James Watson)

Wife's Full Name:  Esther Knodel Rodacker

Wife's Place of Birth:  Granville Township, ND

Wife's Father's Name:  Fredrick Jr. Knodel

Wife's Mother's Name:  Eva Dockter Knodel

Wife's Siblings' Names:  Leonard Knodel, Hilbert Knodel

Children's Names: Paulette (Curt Hillestad), Tom (Judy Alley)

Rodacker, Roy (2).jpg

Roy and Esther were married in 1947 in McClusky, ND. The couple farmed in the Butte and Underwood areas for several years before moving to Manfred, ND. They had two children, Paulette and Tom. Paulette married Curt Hillestad, Tom married Judy Alley. Tom passed away in 1999. Paulette and her family live in Minot. 


During the time they lived in Manfred, Roy first farmed, and later worked at the Farmers Union Elevator. They first moved to the parsonage, and later lived in the elevator house.  They were active members of Vang Lutheran Church. 


In 1960, they moved to Minot where Esther was employed at the Anderson Nursing Home, which later became the Americana Nursing Home and then Manor Care Nursing Home where after 29 years she retired.  Esther passed away in 2007, Roy passed away in 1994. 

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