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Oliver and Inga Rodne

Husband's Full Name:  Oliver Rodne

Husband's Place of Birth:  Fram Township, Wells Co., ND

Husband's Father's Name: Ole L. Rodne

Husband's Mother's Name: Anna O. Lunde Rodne

Husband's Siblings' Names: Lars (Inez Erickson); Arthur, Otto, Alfred (Mabel Dovre); Carl (Agnes Stenerson); Gena (Lirgg); Laura (Bill Cook); Berger (Olive Stenerson); Sena (Andrew Hillesland)

Wife's Full Name:  Inga Overland Rodne

Wife's Place of Birth:  Fram Township, Wells Co., ND

Wife's Father's Name:  Tom Overland

Wife's Mother's Name:  Ingebord Strom Overland

Wife's Siblings' Names:  Lauris (Selma Rogness); Casper, Casper (Alma Bundy); Agnes (Jorgen Lilleberg); Hannah, Clara (Louis Rodne); Henry (Dorothy Pfeifle); Esther; Ingwald (Edna Olson); Melvin (June Day)

Children's Names: Orville (Patricia Ebbert); Audrey Ione (Joseph Hauser)

Oliver Rodne, son of Ole Rodne (an immigrant from Norway) and Anna Lunde, was born on August 16, 1900 in his parent's sod house in Fram Township of Wells County. Oliver attended grade school in a one-room schoolhouse in Fram Township until he was ten years old. Oliver then moved with his family to Norway and they lived there for three years. When they returned to the United States they came home to their farm in Fram Township. As a young man, Oliver attended Twin City Barber College in Minneapolis and worked at home during the summer. During one winter Oliver attended Hanson's Tractor and Auto School in Fargo. Oliver had three sisters and six brothers.


Inga Overland, a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Tom (Ingebord Strom) Overland, was born August 24, 1904 on her parent’s farmstead in Fram Township. Her parents had just moved from their sod house into their new two-story house built by Henry H. Helgerud. Inga, like Oliver, came from a large family. Inga had six brothers and four sisters. Inga attended grade school in a one-room rural schoolhouse in Fram Township. At the age of seventeen, Inga and Alma Bundy worked in a cook car feeding between 21 to 23 threshers a day, three meals a day. Besides preparing meals and lunches, 16 to 18 loaves of bread and four pies were baked on a coal-burning stove In the fall of 1922, Inga and Alma worked in Minot. In the fall of 1925, Inga started work in a New Rockford Cafe and some years later went to Fargo to work. From 1931-1933, Inga worked in the Lutheran Nursing Home in Harvey.


On November 11, 1933, Inga and Oliver were married in her parents' home. Their first home was the G.A. Brower farm in Manfred Township. They lived there for nine years. They then purchased their own farm two miles north of Manfred.


During the war, Oliver and Inga and their two children moved to Tacoma, Wash. where Oliver worked in the shipyards. Later they purchased a small ranch on the outskirts of Parkland, Wash. Their children, Orville and Ione, attended school there. After living in the Parkland area for a few years, they returned home together farm north of Manfred and lived there until they moved into Harvey on November 1, 1968. Upon moving into Harvey, Inga and Oliver purchased Mrs. Alice Huber's home at 320 West 10th Street.


During the winter months while living on the farm, Inga and Oliver traveled to the West Coast several times. In the spring of 1968, they traveled to Norway to visit relatives and friends and enjoyed doing a lot of sightseeing.  Inga passed away in 1984, Oliver passed away in 1987.


To Inga and Oliver two children were born. Orville Travis was born in Harvey on August 28, 1934. He married Patricia Ebbert of Fessenden. They have three children: Dean, Wade and Leanne. The Orville Rodne family has been living in the Dodge area, with plans to move to Dickinson before winter sets in. Inga and Oliver's daughter, Audrey Ione, was born July 1, 1938 at Harvey. She is married to Joseph Hauser and they lived in Eagan, MN.  Ione and Joe have one daughter, Elizabeth. Joe has passed away.

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