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Otto Rodne

 Full Name:  Otto Rodne

 Place of Birth:  Manfred, ND

 Father's Name: Ole L. Rodne

 Mother's Name: Anna Lunde

 Siblings' Names: Lars (Inez Erickson); Oliver (Inga Overland); Arthur, Berger (Olive Stenerson) Alfred (Mabel Dovre); Carl (Agnes Stenerson); Gena (Lirgg); Laura (Bill Cook); Sena (Andrew Hillesland)

Otto Rodne was born March 6, 1905, to Ole L. and Anna Rodne near Manfred. Otto traveled to Norway in 1910 with his family and spent three years there with family. He attended rural school in Fram Township and then farmed with his father and brother. Otto became known as a farmer who took great pride in creating neat straight rows, planting the crop with the horses in the spring and threshing the harvest in the fall.


Otto took over the duties of the Rodne household after his twin sisters Laura and Gina moved to Seattle.


Otto died on September 2,1951, near Manfred. He was laid to rest at Bethel Lutheran Cemetery, rural Manfred.

Written by Karen Rodne Beutler

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