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Leonard and Mary Rogelstad

Husband's Full Name:  Leonard Rogelstad

Husband's Place of Birth: Ossian, IA

Husband's Father's Name: John Rogelstad

Husband's Mother's Name: Helena Torkelson Rogelstad

Husband's Siblings' Names: Sarah, Mabel, Josephine, Clarence, Alfred, Bardines, Hilda, Jacob, Arthur, Edward, Milfred, Marie Parizek, Esther Kittelson, Lloyd, Henry

Wife's Full Name:  Mary Dybing Rogelstad

Wife's Place of Birth:  Harvey, ND

Wife's Father's Name:  Tannes Dybing

Wife's Mother's Name:  Ingrid Kopseng Dybing

Wife's Siblings' Names:  Anna, Clarence, George

Children's Names: Harley, Doris Rudel, Roger


Rogelstad, Leonard Mary 25th.jpg

Leonard Rogelstad, son of John and Helena Rogelstad  was born in Ossian Iowa.  As a child he came to ‘Wells County with his parents, where he was raised.


Mary Dybing Rogelstad was born and raised on a farm near Harvey, ND.  She was a daughter of Tannes and Ingrid Dybing. 


In 1926 they were married and farmed in the Manfred area most of their lives.  They were members of the Sons of Norway lodge and the Vang Lutheran Church in Manfred.  Leonard was a director of the Farmers Union Elevator. 


Mary was an accomplished musician and served as organist for both the Bethania and Vang Lutheran churches through the years, and also provided piano music for various groups in the area over the years. 

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