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Andrew and Liva Rogness 1

Husband's Full Name:  Andrew Jonson Rogness

Husband's Place of Birth:  Roykjenes, Ombo Island, Jelsa, Norway

Husband's Father's Name: Jon Bardson

Husband's Mother's Name: Magla Serena Olsdatter Bandeberg Rogness

Husband's Siblings' Names: Mallin Roykjenes

Husband’s Half Siblings: Astrid, Bard, Bronia, Oystein, Johanna, Ole

Wife's Full Name:  Liva Berg Rogness

Wife's Place of Birth:  Berget, Ytre Ramsfjell, Hjelmeland, Norway

Wife's Father's Name:  Salomon Jakobson

Wife's Mother's Name:  Anna Larsdatter

Wife's Siblings' Names:  Sophia Ramsfield, Anna Berg, Jakob, Lars, Bertha Kvitne, Endre Salomonson, Anna Rogenes, Elizabeth Ramsfield, Siri Salmondsdtr

Children's Names: John, Anna Hauge, Sam, Selmer Melvin, Anton, Elmer, Martin, Jacob, Baby Girl, Lars, Lars

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Liva was the youngest child of Salomon Jakobson and Anna Larsdtr. She was born 12 September 1869 at Berget, Norway and baptized 11 October 1869.  She died 16 August 1945 at Manfred, ND at the home of her daughter Anna. 

According to the information on census records, Liva came to the USA in 1894. Her mother, Anna Jakobson, accompanied her. Her sister Siri died in 1893 after a long illness and after she died, Liva and her mother decided to come to the USA as there was no one left from their immediate family in Norway. Brother Lars and his family were the last to live at Berget in 1890, I am not sure if Liva and her mother and sister lived there until they came to the USA or whether they had moved to Hjelmeland. The records in Norway say that Lars was the last farmer at Berget. 

When Liva and Anna came to the USA they came to the Buxton area, where all of the other Bergs had come to in the years previous to 1894. Liva's mother died soon after her arrival in the USA and is buried at the East Immanuel Cemetery, Buxton, ND 

In 1896 Liva married Andrew Rogness (half brother of Ole Rogenes). Andrew came to the USA in 1891 at the age of 15 and stayed with Ole and Anna Berg Rogenes when he arrived. Andrew had worked for the railroad in the summers and had homesteaded near Selz, Pierce County, ND. When he and Liva married they loaded their belongings on a horse drawn wagon and made the approximately 200-mile trip to Selz from Buxton. It probably took them about ten days or so to do this. They stayed in the Selz area until 1904. During this time they had five children, John (1898), Anna (1899), Sam (1901), Melvin(1903) and Tony (1904). They lived in a sod house on their homestead in Selz. 

Some time in 1904 Andrew bought a quarter of land in Fram Township, Wells County, ND from a man who wanted to return to Norway. This farm was located near Manfred, ND. 

Andrew and Liva had seven more children; three died in infancy, those that lived were Elmer (1907), Martin (1909) and Jacob (1911). 

Liva's grandson Richard Rogness tells that he remembers his "bestemor" telling him that they could look out from their kitchen window at their home in Norway and see the fish swimming in the fjord. 


The Children of Andrew and Liva

John (1898 - 1991) married to Edna Charles (1913-2002) on Aug 12, 1950 in CA; no children. Farmed in rural Manfred, Fram Township, ND.

Anna (1899 – 2001) married to Tennes Hauge (1899-1962) on June 6, 1940. No children. Their farm was located north of Manfred.

Sam (1901- 1971) married to Lillie Pepple (1908-1944) on Jan 1, 1927; on July 15, 1948 he married Myrtle Mortenson (1911-2006). She taught in Manfred for 27 years. Sam and Lillie had two sons; Richard and Allen, both have died. Sam was the Standard Oil bulk dealer for many years and then took on the management of the O & M Elevator in Manfred continuing until his retirement in 1963.

Selmer “Melvin” (1903-1991) married Julia Gunderson (1903-1991) He was a banker at Lake Park, MN. They had two sons, Ronald and Paul.

Anton (1904-1997) married LaVaan McCain (1914-2008) on Feb 20, 1941. Tony went to Dakota Business College in Fargo and began working for Standard Oil Co in Fargo in 1926. He also worked for the ND Automobile Association for 9 years. Tony and LaVaan had two sons, David and John.

Elmer (1907- 1984) married Florence Eilertson (1907-1987) He was an electrical engineer and lived in the state of Washington.

Martin (1909-1972) married Ruth Rasmusson (1918-1980) He was employed by Sears Roebuck and Company as a shipping clerk and lived at Tacoma, WA for 31 years prior to his death.

Jacob (1911-1994) married Norma Rodne (1913-1985) on December 3, 1944, after Norma’s death, he married Fern Johnson Hakanson (1921-2005) on Nov 18, 1988. They farmed in rural Manfred, Fram Township. Jacob had no children.

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