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Jacob and Norma Rogness

Husband's Full Name:  Jacob Sylvester Rogness

Husband's Place of Birth:  Rural Manfred, Wells Co, ND

Husband's Father's Name: Andrew Jonson Rogness

Husband's Mother's Name: Liva Berg Rogness

Husband's Siblings' Names: John, Anna Hauge, Sam, Selmer, Anton, Elmer, Martin, Lars

Wife's Full Name:  Norma Rodne Rogness

Wife's Place of Birth:  Rural Manfred, Wells Co, ND

Wife's Father's Name:  Ole Johan Rodne

Wife's Mother's Name:  Margit Ølsdatter Knutson

Wife's Siblings' Names:  Louis, Sarah Georgeson, Mabel Skiftun, Lilly Anderson, Lloyd, Henry, Clarence, Caroline

Children's Names: none

2nd Wife:  Fern Johnson (Grant) Hakanson Rogness

Wife’s Parents: J. Henry Johnson and Nora

Wife’s Siblings Names:  Lyle, Duane, Clarence, Earl and Grant


Jacob and Norma were both born in rural Manfred of Norwegian immigrant parents. They were married and farmed in rural Manfred.  They were active members of the Bethel Lutheran Church located in rural Manfred. Norma served as organist for the Bethel church for many years. They were proud of their Norwegian heritage and traveled to Norway, as well as entertaining relatives from Norway at their home. 


After Norma passed away Jacob married Fern Hakanson, widow of Grant Hakanson. They lived in Heimdal. Both are now deceased. After the Bethel church was closed they joined the Hoff Lutheran Church in Heimdal.

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