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Paul and Inez Rognlie

Husband's Full Name: Paul Christopher Rognlie

Husband's Place of Birth: Spring Grove, MN

Husband's Father's Name: Syvert Bertinus Rognlie

Husband's Mother's Name: Marie Solum Rognlie

Husband's Siblings' Names: Gjorgine, Sivert, Adolph,

     Magdaleen, Nanna, Clara, Frida, Lilly

Wife's Full Name: Inez Signild LeGrand

Wife's Place of Birth: Sweden

Wife's Father's Name: Joseph LeGrand

Wife's Mother's Name: Anna Christina LeGrand

Wife's Siblings' Names: Axel, (Jennie Fincher); Esther (Gulbrand Melby)

Sarah (Olaf Tansem); David, Hulda, Gertrude, Harry, Clara

Children's Names:); Wee Earl Rognlie, (Lillian Grorud); Forrest (Gertrude Jacobson); Verdie, Alden, Inez (Reinhart Theodore Reinerson), Harry

2nd Wife:  Julian K. Jenson Rognlie

Children:  Myrtle (Gerhard Faleide), Phillip (Margaret), Jarl Jerome (Inez)

Rognlie, P and Inez LeGrand.jpg

Paul was the second of nine children born to his family. Paul wrote about himself:  After a high school was established in Hillsboro, I attended it for four years and later attended the Wilmar Seminary and Business College located at Wilmar, MN.  My intention was then to take up the study of law at the University of Minnesota, but the panic of 1893 prevented me from doing that, so the following year, 1894-1895 I traveled with the Rognlie and Framstad Concert Company as a dramatic reader and humorist. Brother Sivert, an accomplished violinist and composer, was the main attraction. We traveled with considerable success through North Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa, and Illinois.  By this time I decided to go back to Benson County where I had made a visit in 1882 and had a ride from Devils Lake to West End (now Minnewauken) on the maiden trip of the Minnie “H”. I had also been in Benson County in 1889 and 1891. The last time I came to take a homestead and while proving up on this homestead took employment as store manager for T. L. Quarve in his Viking.


Then in 1901, I built and operated the first hardware and furniture store in Esmond, which I continued for a period of 27 years. During the legislative session of 1901 I served as assistant secretary of the N. D. Senate. From 1917 to 1923 I was secretary of the Hardware Mutual Fire Insurance Company with offices at Fargo. In 1922 I sold my hardware and furniture business to B. I. Steig of Esmond. After 1924 I devoted all my time to the nursery business that I established at Esmond.  I also started a fruit orchard at Esmond in 1901 and have maintained it ever since during which time I have originated several new varieties of plums, apples, raspberries, strawberries, shrubs, and trees.”


Mr. Rognlie was long active in the Independent Order of Odd Fellows.  He held the title of Past Grand Patriarch and Past Grand Representative among others.  He was also adjutant General of the Department of Patriarchs Militant. 

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