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Jake and Evelyn Schlenker

Husband's Full Name:  Jake Schlenker

Husband's Place of Birth:  Rusland Township, ND

Husband's Father's Name: Mike Schlenker

Husband's Mother's Name: Mary Hauser Schlenker

Husband's Siblings' Names: Lydia Wagner, Emma, Martha Meissner,

Maggie Brodahl, Clara Werner, Tillie Decker, Evangeline Faul,

Elsie Baier, John Schlenker

Wife's Full Name:  Evelyn Pepple Schlenker

Wife's Place of Birth:  Manfred, North Dakota

Wife's Father's Name:  Emil Mike Pepple

Wife's Mother's Name:  Lydia Mehrer Pepple

Wife's Siblings' Names:  Devella Vik, Bertha, Irene Schlenker

Children's Names: Patricia Hertel, Gerald, Janice Muscha

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Evelyn Pepple, daughter of Emil and Lydia Mehrer Pepple, was born in Harvey, ND.  Her older sister was Devella, the next daughter born was Bertha who died as an infant, and their 4th child was Irene. 


Evelyn grew up and attended school in Manfred until the sixth grade.  She then transferred a country school near Manfred until eighth grade.  As a young woman she worked on the family farm and for area neighbors. 


On October 10, 1941 she married Jake Schlenker, son of Mr. and Mrs. Mike Schlenker.  He was raised and educated in Rusland Township, near Fessenden. Jake was the 5th born of 10 children.  Siblings were  Lydia, Emma, Martha, Elsie, Maggie, Clara, Tillie, John and Evangeline.


They lived and farmed southwest of Manfred and in 1952 they bought a café and bar in Manfred. They enjoyed working in the restaurant business and visiting the local people and it was a gathering people for the locals as well as those doing business at the elevators and grocery store.


Jake and Evelyn were the parents to three children, Patricia, Gerald and Janice, who all attended school in Manfred. 


Patricia, known as Patty married Robert Hertel.  They lived in California and were the parents to three children, Richard, Randy and Lisa.  In 1981 they were reported missing and presumed drown following a boating accident near Martenez, CA.  Their children live in California.


Gerald married Jeanne Mathison in 1963.  Together with their children, Jay, Jeffrey and Jared they made their home in the Minnewaukan, ND area. 


Janice married Richard Muscha.  They live in Casselton, ND.  They are the parents of Russell and Sandra.


Jake died in 1975.  Following his death Evelyn moved to the St. Aloisius Nursing Home where she lived until 2012.


They are both buried at the SDA Cemetery in rural Manfred. 

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