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Shirley Implement

Location: Block 4, Lot 8

Proprietors: Gilman and Adolph Shirley

Year Started: 1925

Year Ended: 1933

History of Business: On December 1925 John Nelson sold his Manfred Implement House to Gilman and Adolph Shirley. In April 1926, the Standard Oil Co. installed a gas pump at the Shirley Bros. It was reported a good location as it was on the main highway. After several years they sold their building and lot to Richard Jorstad who opened a repair shop at that location in 1933. The Shirley brothers moved back to their farm in October 1934.

Daisy – Shirley Implement

Reference points:

Red rectangle - Manfred School

Blue rectangle - Vang Lutheran Church

Purple rectangle – Post Office/Bank

Green rectangle – Solheim Station

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