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Anton and Johanna  Skogmo

Husband's Full Name:  Tomas Anton Skogmo

Husband's Place of Birth:  Skogmo, Grong, Norway

Husband's Father's Name: Tesman Hoyer Eliassen

Husband's Mother's Name: Anna Margrete Mentsdtr

Husband's Siblings' Names: George, Anna, John

Wife's Full Name:  Johanna Andreasdtr Solum Skogmo

Wife's Place of Birth:  Grong, Norway

Wife's Father's Name:  Andreas Solum

Wife's Mother's Name:  Johanna 

Wife's Siblings' Names:  Beret Solum

Children's Names: Anna Bardahl, John, George, Jacob, Arthur, James, Alpha Johnson Kruse, Magda Ingvaldson, Arthur, Johanna Owen, Harold

Skogmor, Anton_johanna_1928.jpg

Anton and Johanna Skogmo were married in 1875. He worked as a mason in Trondheim, on one of the restorations of the magnificent Trondheim Cathedral, one of the finest Norman Gothic buildings in the world. The coronation of the king and queen of Norway still takes place there.


On the 8th of May 1879 they sailed for America and settled in southern Minnesota in Whalen. Here he was a cooper or barrel-maker. At that time barrels were in great demand for shipping and storing foodstuffs. 


In 1882 the family moved to 813 25th Avenue, Minneapolis, MN. Anton worked in a factory as a cooper. He was one of the best barrel makers in the factory, but the work was arduous and the hours long


A doctor advised Anton to get out of the city and into some other type of work. It was then the Skogmos moved to Elbow Lake and built a general store. Many evenings he brought unannounced guests home and his wife never knew how many there would be for dinner. Anton's brother John and his wife also moved to Elbow Lake. He worked in the store and later bought it. Again for reasons of health, Anton decided to change occupations and go into farming. At first he rented a farm. When he had saved enough money to pay cash, he both his own farm near Elbow Lake.


To take advantage of the free land under the Homestead Act, and to give his children opportunity to do so, moved the family to North Dakota in the early 1900s. He bought a farm in Manfred and staked a claim about 5 miles north of the town. The two oldest children, Anna and John, each staked a claim out in the hills near Drake. John established the Post Office of Skogmo, North Dakota.


Anton and Johanna were honest, industrious people, who worked long hours. Most of the time grandpa went on nervous energy.


Johanna was gentle, patient and soft-spoken. No one ever heard her speak a harsh word. A scrupulous housekeeper, and an excellent cook, she kept the cookie jar filled with Norwegian cookies.


Anton was a kind man; many times he helped others in need.  The farm was beautifully kept.  He was meticulous about the care of the animals, the buildings and the fields.

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