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Sletten and Elsaas

Location: Block 3, Lot 4

Proprietor: J. J. Elsaas

Year Started: before 1903

Year Ended: before 1910

History of Business: Center Building on bottom photo Source: September 10, 1903 - W. A. Stickney in Wells County News, Fessenden. "While on tour of Manfred last Tuesday we dropped in on Sletten and Elsaas. Mr. Sletten was out, but we found Mr. Elsaas in his usual good humor waiting on his trade. This firm is thinking of putting on a big bargain sale this fall and if they do Mr. Elsaas says there will be bargains for everybody!" John J. Elsaas was also proprietor of Hotel Dakota Block 3 - Lot 4 Otto Sletten and John J. Elsaas had moved from Manfred before 1910.

Daisy – Sletten and Elsaas

Reference points:

Red rectangle - Manfred School

Blue rectangle - Vang Lutheran Church

Purple rectangle – Post Office/Bank

Green rectangle – Solheim Station

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