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Otto and Marit  Sletten

Husband's Full Name:  Otto Sletten 

Husband's Place of Birth:  Norway

Husband's Father's Name:  Ole Johnson Sletten

Husband's Mother's Name:  Oliana Tollefsen

Husband's Siblings' Names:  unknown

Wife's Full Name:   Marie Bakken

Wife's Place of Birth:  Norway

Wife's Father's Name:  Erland Bjornson Bakken

Wife's Mother's Name:  Marie Hausdatt

Wife's Siblings' Names:  unknown

Children's Names:  Mildred [Simon Simonson]; Orville, Thelma, Harold [Ann Mabel Carroll]; Iva “Mitzie” Berglotte Sletten; Vernon 

Picture taken in 1921


Sletten, Otto 1921.jpg

Otto emigrated from Norway in 1883, at the age of nine. 


Otto Sletten was a businessman in Manfred from about 1903 – 1905. He was in business with John J. Elsaas in a business named Elsaas and Sletten, a general store..


On August 1, 1907 he married Marie Bakken. They were they first couple to be married in the town of Pekin, Nelson County, North Dakota. They resided in Pekin, raising their six children there, for their entire married life. 

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