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Willborg/Aasand/Soberback  Store

Location: Block 3, Lot 3

Proprietors: 1900 – John Benson/Swan Willborg

1917 – Olaf Roble/Fremont Hanson

1918 – John Weber

1920 - A. S. Aasand

1925 – Erik Soderback/Henry Soderback 1947 – John and Katie Smith

Year Started: 1900

Year Closed: ca 1947

History of Business: John Benson and S.N. Willborg built the grocery store in 1900. It had living quarters upstairs. Benson sold out to Willborg in 1903. Willborg sold the store in 1917 to Olaf Roble and Fremont Hanson. They sold it to John Weber in 1918 and Weber sold it to Anton Aasand in 1920. A. S. Aasand had a Hardware Store. Anton Aasand sold the business Eric Soderback in April 1925 who operated a hardware store and also sold implements. His wife had a millinery shop in the building. Eric Soderback died in 1941 and his son Henry carried on with the business until 1947. The property was then sold to by the county to John and Katie Smith. We do not know what became of the building. The present owner of the land is Fessenden Coop Elevator. It is directly north of the elevator. Often there are piles of grain on the property in the fall.

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