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John and Katie Smith

Husband's Full Name:  John Smith

Husband's Place of Birth:  Pierz Township, Minnesota

Husband's Father's Name: Joseph Smith

Husband's Mother's Name: Josephine Ruff

Husband's Siblings' Names: Shubert, George, Lizzi, Mary, Theresa, Rose

Married Jan 8th 1924 in Fessenden

Wife's Full Name:  Katherine Jannisch

Wife's Place of Birth:  Manfred Township

Wife's Father's Name:  Frank J. Jannisch

Wife's Mother's Name:  Maria Kohler

Wife's Siblings' Names:  Theresa (Mike Seil), Mary (Patrick O’Neill), Anne (Joseph Hilbert), Josephine (Anton Breyer)

Children's Names: Joseph Smith (Nelda Palmer), Marian Smith (Norman Nelson, Jim Skow)

Grandchildren: Helen Turner (Skow), Rebecca Smith, Joseph Smith, Johnathon Smith, James Smith

Great grandchildren from Skow line: Colleen Turner, Joseph Stead, Daniel Stead

Great grandchildren from Smith line: Kristie Smith, Angie Smith, Jacob Smith

Great, Great grandchild  from Skow line: Jake

Smith John-Katie3-57.JPG

John and Katie Smith retired in Manfred after moving from their farm near Heimdal.  Their home was located just north of the gas station. John had a smoke house, and a tool shed in the back yard.  Katie had beautiful lilac bushes and chokecherry trees too, and of course a garden. In the kitchen there was a hand pump and the cistern was in the basement. 


The grandchildren have fond memories of their visits in Manfred with their grandchildren and have recently been back for another visit – although their grandparents have been dead for many years it is fun for them to come back to Manfred.  

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