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Erik and Augusta Soderback

Husband's Full Name:  Erik Lambert Söderback

Husband's Place of Birth:  Grangarde, Koppaberg, Sweden

Husband's Father's Name:  Lars Johan S öderback

Husband's Mother's Name:  Sara Stina Olausson

Husband's Siblings' Names: Johan Oscar, Wiljam, Gust, Johan Jacob

Wife's Full Name:  Augusta O. Peterson

Wife's Place of Birth:  Ravola, Sweden

Wife's Father's Name:  Par Erik Jansson

Wife's Mother's Name:  Susanna Jansson

Wife's Siblings' Names:  unknown

Children's Names: Edith (Albert) Rageth; Henry (Lillian L. Eberlien) Esther (Arthur Valentine) Miller; Freda (Edwin R.) Filler

Soderback_Hardware_Store c1.jpg

No family photos are available but this is the Soderback Hardware Store. People pictured on the outside of the store may well be the owners.

Both Erik and Augusta were born in Sweden. 1900 Census indicated Augusta arrived in 1895 and was a servant in Boston, MA. They immigrated to Wells County in May 1888. They were married shortly after their arrival and lived in Fessenden until 1911 when they moved to Manfred and purchased their home in April 1911. Erik worked as a section foreman for the railroad and owned a farm. Later he worked at the hardware store and in 1925 he purchased that store. His son Henry moved to Manfred from Minneapolis and worked in the Hardware Store as well. They also sold machinery, and at one time ran the cream station. Their home was located near the James River and was sold to the Solheim family.


Erik died in 1941 in Manfred and is buried at the Vang Cemetery at Manfred. His wife sold their home in about 1948 and moved to Salinas, California to live with her daughters. She returned to North Dakota and lived with her daughter Edith Rageth in Harvey. Augusta died in 1964 and is also buried at the Vang Cemetery, Manfred, ND.

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