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Severt and Bertha Solheim

Husband's Full Name:  Severt Johan Solheim

Husband's Place of Birth:  Rodne, Vikedal, Rogaland, Norway

Husband's Father's Name: Sjur Sjurson

Husband's Mother's Name: Helene Torsteinsdtr Rodne

Husband's Siblings' Names: Thomas, Anna, Johan, Olaus, Hilda, Johanna

Wife's Full Name: Bertha Karina Ramsfield Solheim

Wife's Place of Birth:  Ossian, Winnishiek County, IA

Wife's Father's Name:  Osmund Knutson Ramsfjeld

Wife's Mother's Name:  Sofia Salomonsdtr Berg

Wife's Siblings' Names:  Sam, Jacobina Neimeier, Anne, Andrew

Knute, Sivert, Anna Lee

Children's Names: Seivert, Oscar, Helmer, Sam, Hilda Georgeson, Art,

Selma, Anna Hakanson, John and Clarence


Bertha and Solheim, Severt c.jpg

Wedding Photo 1896

Severt Solheim was born Norway. He attended school there; at that time the school year was only six weeks long.  He immigrated to America in 1889 when he was just 19 years old. He applied for his naturalization in Traill County, and was naturalized in Wells County in 1900. 


Bertha Ramsfield was born to Norwegian immigrants in Ossian, Iowa, where she was also baptized. In 1878, her family came by covered wagon and oxen to Traill County, Dakota Territory. They came directly to Belmont Township in Traill County where her father Osmund filed on a homestead. It was located eight miles east of Buxton and 2½miles west of the Red River. 


Bertha and Severt were married in Hillsboro, ND on the 15th of August 1896 and moved to Wells County in 1897, homesteading north of Manfred.  They were active in the Bethel Lutheran Church, which was near their farm.  They lived on their homestead until 1932 where they raised ten children. They then moved to a farm north of Heimdal. 


Bertha died in 1948, Severt in 1949. They are buried in the Bethel Church Cemetery near Manfred. 

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