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Solheim House

Solheim House 3.jpg

~1899 - T.K. Rogne home built.

1903 - Sold to Ben Sorenson. 

1911 - Sold to E.L. Soderback.

Solheim House 4.jpg

1948 - Sold to Helmer and Annie Solheim. 

1986 - Sold to Mark Kolbo.

1989 - Sold to Harry and Leo Detling.

Solheim House 5.jpg

2005 - The house was purchased by the Rural Vestige Alliance, a non-profit affiliate of Preservation North Dakota.

Solheim House 2.jpg

2010 - A new roof was installed.

2011 - The interior was cleaned out with the help of 23 volunteers. 

2017 - Decorative trim removed for restoration. 


Future Plans:

Rebuilding front landing and back porch

Repairing and replacing portions of siding

Removing back lean

New exterior paint

Repairing windows

Interior plaster repair and paint

Possibly running water and electricity so the building can be used as a Bed and Breakfast 

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