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Manfred  School

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1910 - Early in the year, plans were made for building a two-story brick building to be completed by September 5, 1910 at a cost of $7,853. Contractors were Harrison and Boas.

1973 - The school closed in May. Classes had been held continuously until then.  

1974 - The schoolhouse building was sold to Mike and Dianne Aull who together with their children remodeled it and lived there for a number of years. 

1993 - The building was sold to Harry Detling who used it for storage. 

2006 - Rural Vestige Alliance, a non-profit, was formed and through the solicitation of funds the building was purchased. The intent was to renovate the building. At least a portion will be restored as a classroom(s) furnished with historic Manfred School artifacts. 

2010 - The roof was repaired and shingled through  numerous grants. 

2011 - Interior cleaned out with the help of 23 volunteers.

2012 - A grant from Preservation North Dakota allowed construction of a replica of the original portico. 

2014 - Many projects were undertaken inside the school. The walling of two classrooms and the north hall was replaced, wainscoting installed in both classrooms, blackboards installed in west classroom, hole in the hardwood filled in, baseboard projects began, and window panes were replaced. 

2015 - The steps were reconstructed and a new door was installed

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2016 - The chimney was removed. It was crumbling and dangerous. 

2017 - The bell tower was removed; it was leaking in to one of the upstairs classrooms which was a continuous problem. The windows were updated with new panes. The main floor classrooms were painted and the woodwork project started.

2017-2018 - Restoration of dormers with new cedar shingles and port windows.

2018 - The floor was stabilized under the many radiators. Work was started to refinish the main story floors, they were sanded and varnished. The wainscoting and other wood work was stained and varnished in the west classroom.  

2018 - The classroom exhibit was installed in time for the first annual Manfred Pioneer Festival.

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2019- Restoration and cleaning of front portico. 

Sanding, stripping, and varnishing of first floor west classroom, entry, and coat closets.

Patching of floor holes from former plumbing.

Future Projects:

Main floor window restoration then upstairs and downstairs

Plaster repair in hallway and upstairs classrooms

Brick repair and tuckpointing

Replacement of flooring which was removed from upstairs classroom

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