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Christian S. and Elizabeth Stradinger

Husband's Full Name:  Christian S. Stradinger

Husband's Place of Birth:  Freidentahl, Russia

Husband's Father's Name:  Karl Stradinger

Husband's Mother's Name: Katrena Nehr

Husband's Siblings' Names: Elisabetha, Anna, Kari, Johann, Wilheim, Johann, Heinrich, Karoline, Katherine, 

Wife's Full Name:  Elizabeth Stein

Wife's Place of Birth:  Bergdorf, Glueckstal, Odessa, Russia

Wife's Father's Name:  Christian Stein

Wife's Mother's Name:  Magarethe Schmidt

Wife's Siblings' Names:  Christian, Johannes, Friedrich, John, Karolina, Christine, Heinrich, Caroline, Margaret

Children's Names: Ella, Edna, Reinhart, Haldrich, Olga and Harold

edna stalnager glad 92.jpg

Edna Stradlinger Glad, daughter of Christian and Elizabeth

The Stradinger’s lived in Manfred between 1917 and 1925.  Christian worked at the elevator. They lived in the Ostrem house. The children attended school at Manfred. From Manfred they moved to Mercer.

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