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Donald and Shirley Strauss

Husband's Full Name:  Donald Arthur Strauss

Husband's Place of Birth:  Harvey, North Dakota

Husband's Father's Name: Joseph Henry Strauss

Husband's Mother's Name: Ida Schnabel

Husband's Siblings' Names: Kathryn (Ordean Gladheim); James, Elaine (Arthur H. Weigelt); Lucille (Maynard Wahl); Arlene (Ellery Ehni); Audrey (James Larson); Joseph J. (Janice A. Hendricks); Richard (Patricia); Judy (Tom Schudel); John F. (Jennifer)

1st Wife's Full Name:  Shirley Marie Johnson

2nd Wife’s Name:  Muriel Jean Knodel

Children's Names: Robbie, Darcie, Randy, Ricky, Debbie (Jay Larson); Tammy, Mary (Jeffrey J Bermann); Bridget (Theodore Petrie)

Don and Deb Strauss.jpg

Don Strauss and daughter Deb

Don Strauss, the son of Joe and Ida Strauss attended school in Manfred and Fessenden, ND. He married Shirley Johnson. He worked at the Manfred Farmers Union Elevator. During the time he worked for the elevator he and his wife Shirley and their children lived in what is known as the “elevator house”. Later he took over the family farm and lived on the family farmstead. In 1976 he moved the family to Wisconsin where he worked as an assessor. After retirement he moved to Mesa, AZ and worked security guard. He enjoyed gardening, softball and the New York Yankees and the Green Bay Packers. As his health deteriorated, he found it was time to move back to family in Wisconsin and lived with his daughter Debbie, who cared for him until he lost his short battle with cancer. 

After Don and Shirley were divorced, Shirley married Jim Schisel and Don married Muriel Knodel.  Shirley is still living. 

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