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Joseph and Ida Strauss

Husband's Full Name:  Joseph H. Strauss

Husband's Place of Birth:  Harvey, ND

Husband's Father's Name: John F. Strauss

Husband's Mother's Name: Mary H. Jenny Strauss

Husband's Siblings' Names: Arthur, Gertrude, Francis, Edwin, Aloysius, John, Marie, Bernhard, Henry

Wife's Full Name:  Ida Schnabel Strauss

Wife's Place of Birth:  South of Harvey, ND

Wife's Father's Name:  Frederik Schnabel

Wife's Mother's Name:  Katherine Schnabel

Wife's Siblings' Names: Eleanor, Furbie, Walter

Children's Names: Kathryn (Ordean Gladheim); Donald (Shirley Johnson, Muriel Knodel); James; Elaine (Art Weigelt); Lucille (Maynard Wahl);

Arlene Strauss (Ellery Ehni); Audrey (James Larson); Joseph; Richard (Patricia), Judy (Tom Schaudel); John (Jennifer, Gretchen Greenwald)


Straiss Joe and Ida 50th.jpg

Joe Strauss was born near Harvey.  Ida Strauss grew up on a farm south of Harvey. She also attended school in that area.

Joe and Ida Strauss were married in 1927 at Harvey. They lived in Harvey for a short time before moving to the Strauss family farm south of Harvey. They moved again in 1942 to a farm east of Manfred. 

They had a large family who all attended school in Manfred. They were active in the community.

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