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Olaf and Sarah Tansem

Husband's Full Name:  Olaf Emil Tansem

Husband's Place of Birth: Minnesota

Husband's Father's Name: John  O.Tansem

Husband's Mother's Name: Caroline Tansem

Husband's Siblings' Names: Brigitte, Christian, John Petter

Wife's Full Name:  Sarah LeGrand, and Sadie Moore

Wife's Place of Birth:  Skara, Ostergotlama, Sweden

Wife's Father's Name:  Joseph LeGrand

Wife's Mother's Name:  Anna Lindstrom

Wife's Siblings:  Axel, Esther, Inez, David, Hulda, Gertrude, Harry, Clara

Children's Names: Hjalmer, Eva Ruth, Clifford, Daphne, Edna

Olaf and wife.jpg

Olaf is the man on the early picture in the sailboat with the photographer about 1900, see photo to the right.

The 1880 census says he was born in Minnesota. He is listed in the 1900 census of Manfred Township. Olaf was a blacksmith and a farmer. He worked for Jens Renden and managed the Renden Blacksmith Shop.


Mr. Tansem homesteaded northeast of Balfour in 1902 and in 1933 rented his farm and moved to Velva.

He is buried at the Vang Cemetery north of Manfred.

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