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Mike and Julia Thomas

Husband's Full Name:  Mike A. Thomas

Husband's Place of Birth:  North Dakota

Husband's Father's Name: Andrew Thomas

Husband's Mother's Name: Apolonia Haberlack Thomas

Husband's Siblings' Names: Casper Thomas, Frannie Thomas, Veronica Thomas Grossman, Louie Thomas (Rose Fenner); Mary Thomas Peterson, Frank Thomas

Wife's Full Name:  Julia Burgard Thomas

Wife's Place of Birth:  Selz, Pierce, North Dakota

Wife's Father's Name:  Peter Burgard

Wife's Mother's Name:  Francis Gisinger

Wife's Siblings' Names:  Pauline Lithun, Tom, Frances, Tillie, Mary, Magdelina, Betty, Margaret, Barbara, Vernie, Katie, Mike

Children's Names:  Beatrice, Jeanette, Frances

Thomas, Mike, and family sm.jpg

The Thomas Family 

Back –Francis, Janet and Beatrice

Front –  Mike and Julia

Mike and Julia (Burgard) Thomas moved to Harvey from Manfred in December 1967. Mike was one of the sons of the late Andrew Thomas’s of Selz. Julia is one of the daughters of the late Peter Burgard’s of Orrin.

While living in Manfred their farm was just south of the Soo Line Depot.


Mike worked for Keller Implement and in the last few years he worked for the Park Board. Mike passed away in 1991.  Julia worked at St. Aloisius Hospital until her retirement in 1979. Julia died in 1988.


They have three daughters: Beatrice is married to Gene Anderson. They have four children and one grandson and live in Wimbledon.


Jeannette is married to Melvin Miller. They also have four children and live in Fargo.


Frances is married to Larry Goldade. They have two children and live in Grandin.


Source:  Growing with Pride with updates

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