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Jacob and Evelyn Ulrich

Husband's Full Name:  Jacob Peter Ulrich

Husband's Place of Birth:  Cathay, Wells, ND, USA

Husband's Father's Name: Jakob Peter Ulrich

Husband's Mother's Name: Dorothea Levi

Husband's Siblings' Names: Rebecca, Gordon, Roger, Irene (Kenneth Horne), Johanna, Dorothy (Mehring), Levi

Wife's Full Name:  Evelyn V. Emery

Wife's Place of Birth:  Williams County, North Dakota, USA

Wife's Father's Name:  Orton N. Emery

Wife's Mother's Name:  Minnie Rose Bowker

Wife's Siblings' Names:  Nellie, Melvin , Ralph, Maude, Glenwood

Children's Names: Richard P. Ulrich, Virginia Ulrich Berger, Linda K. Ulrich

Jacob Peter Ulrich was born in Cathay, North Dakota, his wife Evelyn was born in Williams County, North Dakota.  They were married in about 1934.  In about 1940 they lived in Manfred in what is known as the elevator house. “Pete” was the Standard Oil bulk dealer. Their children attended school in Manfred. They later moved to Minot. 

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