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Lewis and Judy Weigelt

Husband's Full Name:  Lewis Weigelt

Husband's Place of Birth:  Manfred, North Dakota

Husband's Father's Name:  Henry Fred Weigelt

Husband's Mother's Name: Pauline Emma Sprenger

Husband's Siblings' Names: Morris, Allen

Wife's Full Name:  Judy Damon

Wife's Place of Birth:  Iowa

Wife's Father's Name:  Rev. John Damon

Wife's Mother's Name:  Wanda Mitchel

Wife's Siblings' Names:  William, Joann, Marsha

Children's Names: Brian, Rachel and Ashley

Lewis Weigelts.jpg

Lewis and Judy live in rural Manfred. Lewis worked over 50 years as the Fessenden-Bowdon bus mechanic and driver before retiring in 2019. Judy works with home health care. They are both active in Manfred History and Preservation, Inc.

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