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Christian Weiss

Full Name:  Christian Weiss

Place of Birth:  Russia

Father's Name:  Jacob Weiss

Mother's Name: Anna Maria Klukos

Siblings' Names: Katherine Weiss (Jacob Kramer), Henry Weiss (Margaret Schmierer), Christine Weiss (Piedt), Louisa Weiss, Emanuel Weiss (Christina), Regenia Weiss, Lydia Weiss, Gottlieb Weiss (Barbara)

Christ Weiss lived in Manfred along with his sisters Lydia and Louisa in a small house just east across the alley from the gas station. They raised chickens in their yard, which was quite unusual in the early 1950s and 1960s. 


They were kind and gentle people, who stayed mostly to themselves. When I was a young girl I received a gift from them.  It was a small hat, probably meant to fit on a doll. I still have that gift that came in a small round black box.  We lived quite near to them, and it was a very nice gesture.  I remember at Halloween the trick or treaters would go to their home, and generally were given a nickel each, as they didn’t have candy on hand. I think some years we would get a home baked cookie. ahs


Christ died in 1964, Louisa in 1963, and Lydia in 1968.  

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