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Arthur and Lydia Wiege

Husband's Full Name:  Arthur E. Weige

Husband's Place of Birth:  Antelope, Grant, ND, USA

Husband's Father's Name: Fredrick Wiege

Husband's Mother's Name: Magdelena Scheuffle

Husband's Siblings' Names: John, Adeline, Herbert, Anna, Louise and Anraine

Wife's Full Name:  Lydia Martin

Wife's Place of Birth:  New Leipzig, North Dakota

Wife's Father's Name:  John Martin

Wife's Mother's Name:  Mary (aka Maria) Grabatin

Wife's Siblings' Names:  Emma, Bertha, Arthur,  Ereth, Florence, Reuben,  Roland, Ruth, Anetha, Esther

Children's Names: Dianna [Robert Carlson], Connie [Dan Hagestad], Douglas

Weige, Arthur 1916-1995.jpg

Lydia Martin and Arthur Wiege were married in Missoula, Montana. In the early 1950s they moved to Manfred, North Dakota. Their home was just north of Halvor Olsen’s home on the east end of Manfred in the Le Grande Addition. This house was later moved to Harvey. They moved to Harvey about 1956, and by 1958 had moved to Missoula, Montana. They attended the Nazarene church in Fessenden, and continued being very active in their church in their move to Montana. Art was a good carpenter. 


Arthur died in Hebron, North Dakota in 1995.  Lydia died in Missoula in 2011. Both of their ancestors immigrated from Romania to the USA.

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