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Swan N. and Sofie Willborg

Husband's Full Name:  Swanson N. Willborg

Husband's Place of Birth:  Sweden

Husband's Father's Name: unknown

Husband's Mother's Name: unknown

Husband's Siblings' Names: unknown

Wife's Full Name:  Sofie

Wife's Place of Birth:  Iowa

Wife's Father's Name:  unknown

Wife's Mother's Name:  unknown

Wife's Siblings' Names:  Mrs. A. B. Lommen

Child's Name: Ruth Willborg

Swan Willborg was a successful businessman in Manfred for 21 years. The business was located on Block 3, Lot 3.  John Benson and Swan Willborg built a store in 1900. Mr. Willborg sold his business in 1917 and moved to California; therefore this indicates he must have started in business in 1896 in Manfred.


1903 a report from the Wells County newspaper paper –stated that Swan Willborg is nicely situated. His double store is large, commodious and stocked with a nice clean line of general merchandise. He also has the post office in his store. John Benson, formerly a partner of Mr. Willborg has been compelled to quit business and leave the country on account of his continued ill health. John is now in the hospital at Battle Creek, Michigan. His many Wells County friends hope for John’s speedy recovery. 


A Manfred News item from May 19, 1905 states that Willborg is brightening up his house with a fresh coat of paint. Knut Rudi is wielding the brush. Mr. Willborg has extended his picket fence, enclosing the lot just east of the house. 


An Ad for the Willborg Store in the newspaper of June 19, 1905 read as follows: S. N. Willborg, Dealer in General Merchandise.  Dry goods, clothing boots and shoes, hats and caps, groceries, and crockery. Agent for Mr. Peter Fahrney's Famous KURIKO, the great blood and stomach medicine, and all his line of celebrated medicines.


June 30, 1905 – Mr. Willborg has put in a large new moneybox his store. It has an inner strong box and ample room for all books and all in all is a fine piece of furniture

June 30, 1905 Nick Halvorson has retired from rural life for the present and hereafter will be found measuring calico and weighing sugar back of the counters in the Willborg Store. Mr. Halvorson commenced his new duties last Monday.


August 11, 1905 - S. N. Willborg has purchased a ten-foot showcase for his store. It is an appropriate thing and its fine finish makes it show off very well.


Oct. 20, 1905 - Mr. Willborg has added a new sidewalk to the front of his store.


Nov 3, 1905 - S. N. Willborg and his right hand man Mr. Norby were at the central city on business last Tuesday. 


May 6, 1915:  J. H. Nelson resigned his position at S. N. Willborg's Store as salesman. 


Manfred News Jan 25, 1917 - S.N. Willborg, after 21 years in business sells to Olaf Roble and V. F. Hanson.


Manfred News, Nov 22, 1917 - S.N. Willborg who sold out last winter to Roble & Hanson, bought a home in Long Beach, CA 

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