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George and Tillie Dybing

Husband's Full Name:  George Theodore Dybing

Husband's Place of Birth:  Fram Township, Wells, North Dakota

Husband's Father's Name: Tannes Dybing

Husband's Mother's Name: Ingrid Kopseng

Husband's Siblings' Names: Mary Rogelstad, Clarence, Anna

Wife's Full Name:  Tillie Bauer

Wife's Place of Birth:  Harvey, North Dakota

Wife's Father's Name:  Andrew Bauer

Wife's Mother's Name:  Elizabeth Kafton

Wife's Siblings' Names:  Arthur and Donald

Children's Names: Myron and Susan

Tannes and Ingrid Dybing's youngest son, George married Tillie Bauer, daughter of Andrew Bauer of Harvey. For a time, he operated in partnership the Socony Vacuum Oil Station and Bulk Fuel dealership in Harvey. His partner was Albert Patzer. In 1942, they moved to Minot where George was involved in the fuel business until he started carpentry as a trade. At the time of this writing, he is still carpentering on a semi-retirement basis. George and Tillie have two children, Myron, a retired music teacher in Kindred, and Susan, who is living in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Source:  Growing With Pride

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