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John and Julia Elsaas

Husband's Full John J. Elsaas

Husband's Place of Birth: Norway

Husband's Father's Name: Unknown

Husband's Mother's Name: Unknown

Husband's Siblings' Names: Carl Elsaas

Wife's Full Name: Julia Elsaas

Wife's Place of Birth: Griggs County, North Dakota

Wife's Father's Name: Unknown

Wife's Mother's Name: Unknown

Wife's Siblings' Names: Unknown

Children's Names: Sam, Clarence

Elsaas, John - wedding.jpg

John Elsaas operated the Dakota Hotel in 1905. It was located on Block 3, Lot 4.  He also was in partnership with Otto Sletten in a general store named Sletten and Elsaas. The John Elsaas family and Otto Sletten left Manfred in July 1906 and settled in Pekin, Nelson County, North Dakota. They continued to live there at least until 1925 as they are noted on the census records in that area, and was noted as a top notch businessman in Pekin in 1915 by the newspaper reporter, as both John and Otto came back for a visit in Manfred.


Their first child Sam was born in Manfred in 1906. While in Manfred they lived in the old Fincher house.

The other children were born in Pekin, ND. 


John was a well respected merchant and well liked as an extremely jolly and social fellow, always pleasant and good-natured.


John died in Peken, ND and was buried in the cemetery there at age 90.

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