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Magnus and Anna Elton

Husband's Full Name:  Magnus Elton (married in 1922)

Husband's Place of Birth:  Stange, Hedmark, Norway

Husband's Father's Name: unknown

Husband's Mother's Name: unknown

Husband's Siblings' Names: unknown

Wife's Full Name:  Anna Braaten

Wife's Place of Birth:  Valdres, Norway

1st husband:  Ole O. Melby (died in 1908)

Wife's Father's Name:  unknown

Wife's Mother's Name:  unknown

Wife's Siblings' Names:  unknown

Adopted Children's Names: Lillian Melby Wolf, Lester and Kenneth Melby

Melbys and Eltons.jpg

The Elton’s farmed north of Manfred. They immigrated to America from Norway. They were members of the Vang Lutheran Church.


Anna was first married to Ole O. Melby, also born in Norway. They lived in Wanamingo, Goodhue, Minnesota according to the 1885 census. He died in 1908 and was buried at Vang Cemetery.


Both Magnus and Anna were buried at Vang Cemetery.

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