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Roy and Lucille Fandrich

Husband's Full Name:  Roy Fandrich

Husband's Place of Birth:  Hazen, North Dakota

Husband's Father's Name:  Albert Fandrich

Husband's Mother's Name: Ottilie Machua

Husband's Siblings' Names: Ruth Mettler, Esther Mittelstedt, Luella Wolf, June Sullivan, Theodore, Douglas, James

Wife's Full Name:  Lucille Schuh

Wife's Place of Birth:  Oliver County, North Dakota

Wife's Father's Name:  John Schuh

Wife's Mother's Name:  Martha Universaght Schuh

Wife's Siblings' Names:  Charlie, George, Julius, Ida, Edna, Carl, Norma, Norman, Aaron, Henry

Children's Names: LaMont, Teresa [Mark Davis], Patricia [Vince Wentz], Kenneth, Louise [Pat Wachter], Lee [Tamra Gross] Edward, Jerry [Rhonda Southard]


Back Row:  Edward, John, LaMont

Front:  Louise, Patty, Teresa, Lucille, Kenneth, Jerry

Taken May 3, 2011 – Roy Fandrich’s Memorial Service

Roy entered the army in 1951 and served his country during the Korean War. Following his honorable discharge he returned to Hazen and later married Lucille Schuh. They made their home in Hazen where he managed a grain elevator. In 1959 they moved to Manfred where Roy managed the local grain elevator for sixteen years. He then purchased the elevator and operated it until his retirement in 1991. Roy and Lucille continued to reside in Manfred until his death in 2011. Roy enjoyed hunting and fishing with his family and friends. He was a loving and proud father and a loyal friend.


Following Roy’s death, Lucille maintains her home in Manfred but spends winters with her children. 

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