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Eilert and Marie Fehr

Husband's Full Name: Eilert B. Fehr

Husband's Place of Birth: Toronto, SD

Husband's Father's Name: Brechter (Bert) Eilert Fehr

Husband's Mother's Name: Mary Elmira Egger Fehr

Husband's Siblings' Names: Bielda (Warren) Hoover, Julia (Walter) Albus, Ruth (Otto) Krueger, Walter (Leona),

Wife's Full Name: Marie Pitkin Fehr

Wife's Place of Birth: Wheelock, ND

Wife's Father's Name: Francis Nelson Pitkin

Wife's Mother's Name:  Maria Hilda Block

Wife's Siblings' Names: unknown

Children's Names: Julia Ann (Marvin) Rodacker; Jon (Gloria); James; Frances; Jean (Narit) Narksompong; Alan (Kristin)

Fehr, E and M 50.jpg

Eilert B. Fehr, was born in Toronto, SD. In 1917 the family moved to a farm southwest of Manfred where he was raised and educated.  As a young man he worked with the Melby threshing rig and was known as a strong, hard worker. During the depression he worked in the lumber camps of upper Michigan. 


On June 10, 1941 he was married to Marie Pitkin at Sawyer. They settled east of Manfred on the James River where they farmed for many years, growing small grains and they had a Guernsey dairy operation. He was also a self-taught welder, willing to tackle repairs on his farm and for neighbors in need.  Marie attended Minot State Teachers College and had been teaching the past six years in schools of Ward and adjacent counties at the time of her wedding. 


Eilert and Marie attended the First Congregational Church in Fessenden and provided music for the services until its closure. They then attended Vang Lutheran Church in Manfred. Marie passed away December 7, 1993; Eilert remained on the farm until moving to the Sheridan Home in McClusky in 1999.  He moved to the Harvey Long Term Care Center in 2004, and passed away in June of 2004.

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