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Rudolph and Augusta Fiebick

I'Husband's Full Name:  Rudolph Fiebick

Husband's Place of Birth:  Volidski, Russia

Husband's Father's Name: Frederick Fiebick

Husband's Mother's Name:

Husband's Siblings' Names: Ernestine Mohr, August,

Frederica, Reinhold, Erdmann,

Wife's Full Name:  Augusta Mietz Fiebick

Wife's Place of Birth:  Russia

Wife's Father's Name:  August Mietz

Wife's Mother's Name:  Maria Hassenbusch Mietz

Wife's Siblings' Names:  Mathilda Burgstahler, Rudolph,

Arthur, Martha Anderson, Emma Mosal, Otto, Fred

Children's Names: Olga Weiss, Mathilda Niebuhr, Ella Stolz

Emil, Lena, Ida, Martha, Theodore, Feader, Verna Wogh

Rudolph fiebick und Familie.JPG

Rudolph was the first of his brothers to immigrate to the USA.  He came in about 1893, and then his other brothers, with the exception of Erdmann immigrated here. 


Rudolph and Augusta were married in 1897. Rudolph and Augusta are listed in the Manfred Township census in 1900, 1910, 1915, 1920, and 1925. They owned land in Manfred Township, Section 34, according to the atlas map of the township. They were still living in Manfred township in April 1937, according to the Manfred News, and their Manfred friends had a party for them, as they were preparing to move to a farm near Fessenden. 

Pictured - Rudolph and August Fiebick and children:  In order of age: Olga, Mathilda, Ella, Emil, Lina, Ida, Martha, Theodore, Verna


Picture taken about 1907


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