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Herbert and Eliza Fincher1

Husband's Full Name: Herbert Fincher

Husband's Place of Birth: New York, New York

Husband's Father's Name: Jesse E. Fincher

Husband's Mother's Name: Julia Hitchcock

Husband's Siblings' Names: Hattie (Dan Jones); Amy (Robert T. Roberts)

Wife's Full Name: Elizabeth Eliza Cone Fincher

Wife's Place of Birth:  Milan, Monroe, Michigan

Wife's Father's Name:  Erastus Cone

Wife's Mother's Name:  Sarah Uptagrafft

Wife's Siblings' Names:  Erastus, Judge, Joseph, Rebekcah, Benjamin, Jane, William, Rachel, Mary, Alvin

Children's Names: Jennie[Alex LeGrand and Guy Fisher], Jessie, Cora, Grace [Sherman Curtis], Nellie, Harvey [Margretta Butler], Ethel [Peter Planner]

Herbert’s parents Jesse E and Julia Fincher were the first settlers in Manfred. They homesteaded the land in 1886.  Later, it was on the land of Jesse E. Fincher and Christ O. Roble, the town of Manfred was laid out. The plot of land was originally called the Jim River Crossing of the Mouse River Trail. 


The Fincher’s came from England to New York State, in colonial days.  Herbert’s grandmother was the first white child born in New York. From New York they moved to Michigan, where Herbert and his father were carpenters. 


Herbert farmed with oxen for six years. He carried mail between Oberon and Fessenden for three years. He also hauled buffalo bones to Sykeston several years for additional income.


Herbert and his wife Eliza Cone were married in 1884. They had five children: Jennie, Jesse, Cora, Grace and Nellie.


Source:  Fessenden Diamond Jubilee Book 1893-1963

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