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Jesse and Julia Fincher1

Husband's Full Name:  Jesse Ephraim Fincher

Husband's Place of Birth:  Ogden, Monroe, New York, NY

Husband's Father's Name: John Alexander Fincher, Sr.

Husband's Mother's Name: Betsey Colby

Husband's Siblings' Names: Elvira Parish Fincher 1826-1896

John Alexander Fincher 1828-1910; Sara Fincher 1833 - ?

Jane Fincher 1837-?; Martha Fincher 1842 - 1911

Wife's Full Name:  Julia Hitchcock

Wife's Place of Birth:  Gates, Monroe, New York, NY

Wife's Father's Name:  David R. Hitchcock

Wife's Mother's Name:  Betsey Colby

Wife's Siblings' Names:  Isham Hitchcock, Stephen Hitchcock, David Wesley Hitchcoch

Children's Names: 1) Harriet (Hatti) Louisa Fincher (Daniel C. Jones) 2)Herbert Jesse Fincher (Elizabeth “Eliza” Cone);             3) Amy B. Fincher (Robert T. Roberts)

The Finchers were the first settlers at the James River Crossing of the Mouse River Trail, where Manfred is now located.


Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Fincher were of English descent born in New York State, residing in Pennsylvania for a time and later lived in Washtenaw County, Michigan for many years. 


The Finchers settled in Wells County, in the spring of 1886, homesteading the land that year. The town, later to be called Manfred, was platted on Section 28, Township 149, Range 71 West on land first patented from the United States by Jesse E. Fincher and Christ Roble.  

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