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First Child Born in Manfred

Manfred's First Born
Mrs. Nels Nertrost (Cora), daughter of Mr. and Mrs. P.B. Anderson and sister of Perry Anderson, was the first child born in Manfred Township. 
Pioneer Medical Attention
In those early days, very seldom, if ever, were doctors called to attend births. It was not customary, nor did pioneers have the funds to meet the expense of medical aid. Hence a neighbor, mother of many children, would be called in for the occasion. 
When unexpected births occurred, the father would officiate. In several instances, when left along without any assistance, mothers had to attend to their own delivery. 
In a few years, a graduate midwife, Mrs. Bendik Rogne, from Oslo, Norway, took up residence on a claim in the neighborhood. She was much in demand, both locally and in far off places. Her fee was $2.00. She also assisted with the housework until the mothers could take over. Strange to say, birth casualties were rarely heard of. 
Source: Sennev Nertrost Whipple
Date: March 1966
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