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Guy and Lina Fisher1

Husband's Full Name:  Guy D. Fisher

Husband's Place of Birth:  Lawrence, MN

Husband's Father's Name: Agnus Fisher

Husband's Mother's Name: Susan Chantler

Husband's Siblings' Names: Willie, Harry, Alfred

1st Wife's Full Name:  Oline "Lina" Aamodt

Wife's Place of Birth:  Grant Co, MN

Wife's Father's Name:  Hans Aamodt

Wife's Mother's Name:  Anna Aamodt

Wife's Siblings' Names:  Hannah, Mabel, Ivan, Henry, Alma, Inga, Oscar, Amanda, John, Lena

Children's Names: Forrest, Violet, Arnold, Donald, Kermit

2nd Wife’s Full Name:  Jennie Fincher LeGrand

Guy D. Fisher was born September 19, 1883 at Fergus, Minn. to Angus and Suzie Fisher. In 1906, Guy, his father and mother, and three brothers, Willie, Harry and Alfred moved to a farm they had purchased in Wells County four miles southwest of Manfred.


Guy married Lena Omett (Aamot) at Barrett, Minn. on November 1, 1908. She was the daughter of Hans and Mary Omett. {I have found the name spelled both ways}


Mr. and Mrs. Omett, and their eldest son, Oscar, came from Norway in the early 1800s and settled in Walnut Grove, Minn. They lived there for many years and then moved to a farm west of Barrett, Minn. All of their children, four boys and six girls, lived with them (Oscar, Amanda, John, Lena, Hannah, Mabel, Ivan, Henry, Alma and Inga). Mabel is still living and resides in Denver, Colo.


Guy and Lena moved to their home in Manfred where Guy owned a machinery business and also operated the farm. Six children were born to them. Forrest, a graduate of Harvey High School, worked for Northwestern Bell Telephone Company in and around North Dakota. After this he owned service stations in Bismarck and Wolf Point, Mont. Forrest married Ruth Hitchcock of Beach. They had one child, a daughter named Dorothy. She died October 27, 1976 and is survived by her husband, two sons and four daughters, now living in and around Miles City, Mont. Forrest is now living in San Diego, Calif. with his present wife, Florence.


Violet Fisher Fraser, a Harvey High School graduate, also graduated from nurses training at Trinity School of Nursing in Minot. In December 1941 she joined the Army Nurse Corps and spent four years in the service most of which was in the Burma, India China area. She married William Fraser on March 2, 1944 in Big Spring, Texas. They have one son, Robert Wayne, now living in Santa Rosa, Calif. Violet is now retired and now lives in Santa Rosa.


Earl E. Fisher never married. He was a carpenter for many years in the San Francisco area. He also worked for many years in the shipyard in Richmond, Calif. He retired in 1976 and now lives in Las Vegas, Nev.


Arnold M. Fisher worked as a cook for many years in the Minot area and later in the Minneapolis area. He married Helen Hoepfer of Martin. She is now living in Waukegan. He had a son, Myron, and a stepdaughter, Ginger. Arnold died in September 1969.


Donald I. Fisher attended school in Manfred, as did his brothers and sister, and Harvey High School. He married Evelyn M. Ostrem on July 3, 1936. They had two sons. Darrell died in an auto accident June 3, 1976, leaving his wife, Jeanette and three sons, David, Tom, Joey, and one daughter, Sandra. Larry J. has been in the television profession since he was discharged from the Air Force in 1958 and at the present time is employed at a television station in Las Vegas, Nev.


Kermit H. Fisher, a graduate of Maddock Agriculture School married Lenora Olenberger of Harvey. They have one daughter, Marlene. She has one daughter and four sons. They live in Muskegon, Mich. Kermit joined the Army Air Force and was stationed in the Philippines. After he was discharged from the Army he was employed by Standard Oil Research in Richmond, Calif. He retired in 1973. He is now living in San Rafael, Calif.


Mrs. Lena Fisher died on July 8, 1928. Guy D. Fisher died on March 19, 1967. They are buried in the Vang Cemetery, Manfred. Their son, Arnold, is also buried there.


Source:  Growing with Pride 1981


Guy D. Fisher married Jennie Fincher, widow of Axel LeGrand in 1938.  They lived in Manfred. She died in 1971. 

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