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Nels O and Hannah Fjeld1

Husband's Full Name: Nels O. Fjeld

Husband's Place of Birth:

Husband's Father's Name:

Husband's Mother's Name:

Husband's Siblings' Names:

Wife's Full Name: Hannah Schie Fjeld

Wife's Place of Birth:

Wife's Father's Name:

Wife's Mother's Name:

Wife's Siblings' Names:

Children's Names: Alvin, Erastus, Camilla

Picture taken 1899,

Source Vang 75th Anniversary Book

Pastor Fjeld.jpg

Pastor Fjeld served the Vang Lutheran Church from 1896 – 1899.  He came to Manfred Township from South Dakota. He was married to Hannah Schie. Three children were in this family: Alvin, Erastus, Camilla.  In addition to the church at Manfred he also served the Harvey Lutheran Church.


It was noted in the church history of the Harvey church that in March 1900, a meeting was called to take steps toward the building of a church in Harvey, however, the sudden death of their faithful pastor, Rev Fjeld, stopped any further planning at this time.


Source:  Fessenden Diamond Jubilee book – 1893-1968

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