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Andrew and Marit Flatlien

1st Husband's Full Name: Knud Thorson

Husband's Place of Birth: Norway

Husband's Father's Name:  Thore Oleson Ranum

Husband's Mother's Name:  Sigurd Knutstdatter Gigstad

Husband's Siblings' Names:  Ole, Ole, Ragnhild, Knud, Anna, Juel, Harold

Wife's Full Name: Marit Opdahl Thorson Flatlien

Wife's Place of Birth: Norway

Wife's Father's Name: Eirik Strandaeiga

Wife's Mother's Name: Torø Persdatter

Wife's Siblings' Names: Ivar, Thomas, Per, Ingebjørg, Guro

Children's Names: none

2nd Husband's Name: Andrew Flatlien

2nd Husband's Father's Name: Lars Jensen Flatlien

2nd Husband's Mother's Name: Pernille Andersdatter

2nd Husband's Siblings:  unknown

Children:  none

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