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Roger and Darlene Flick1

Husband's Full Name:  Roger Glen Flick

Husband's Place of Birth:  Malta, Montana

Husband's Father's Name: Ray Flick

Husband's Mother's Name: Gina Melby

Husband's Siblings' Names: Edgar Allen, Marian

Wife's Full Name:  Darlene Haluska

Wife's Place of Birth:  Chaseley, North Dakota

Wife's Father's Name:  Anton Haluska

Wife's Mother's Name:  Martha Haluska

Wife's Siblings' Names:  Evelina Boese

Children's Names: Steven, David, Michael, Lisa Stremick


Roger Glen Flick was the youngest child of Ray and Gena Flick. He was named for the first initials of his parent’s names, R (Ray) for Roger and G (Gena) for Glen. He attended Manfred School and later married Darlene Haluska, a school teacher. 


She taught two years at the Roller School and two years at the Kleinsasser School, both rural schools out of Harvey. Roger and his bride established their farm near Chaseley in 1954, raising grain and beef cattle. 


They had four children:. 1. Steven.  2. David married Cheryl and they have two children, Ashley and Chelsey. Ashley attends NDSU in animal science.  3. Michael married Nona and they have two children, Samantha and Travis.          4. Lisa married Jeffrey Stremick and they have two children, Jackson and Colin. 

Roger and Darlene were very active in the United Methodist Church; Roger served as a board member and Darlene taught Sunday School. Roger served on the Delger Township board for over 25 years, and was a Hurdsfield School Board member.  Darlene was a member of the Ladies Aid, and West Ontario Homemaker’s Club. 

In 1980, Roger and Darlene received the Wells County Soil Conservation award. In 1994, they retired from farming, but Roger continued to help his three sons in their farming. He was a good influence on them.  As one son said “He never interfered with us, but always was there when we needed good advice, and we leaned on him.” Roger passed away suddenly on Christmas Day 2004 and is buried in the Chaseley Cemetery. Darlene passed away in 2016.

The Flick Farms of Chaseley has evolved into a large farming and ranch operation run by Roger and Darlene’s three sons. Daughters-in-law, Cheryl and Nona, are active in the farming and the grandchildren also help. Included among the land they farm is Edgar and Jeanne Flick’s farm - the C.C. and Anna Melby homestead land.


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