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Leslie and Connie Foss

Husband's Full Name:  Leslie Edward Foss

Husband's Place of Birth:  Greenbush, Minnesota

Husband's Father's Name: Elmer P. Foss

Husband's Mother's Name: Gunhild. E. Foss

Husband's Siblings' Names:

Wife's Full Name:  Connie Lynn Studebaker Foss

Wife's Place of Birth: 

Wife's Father's Name:  Clifford Studebaker

Wife's Mother's Name: 

Wife's Siblings' Names: 

Children's Names: John, Amy, Cheryl


Leslie Edward Foss, son of Elmer P. Foss and the late Gunhild E. Foss was born at Greenbush, MN.

After completion of high school in 1958 he enrolled at Pacific Lutheran College, Tacoma, WA. In 1960 he became a student at the Lutheran Bible Institute, Seattle, Washington, from which he was graduated in 1962. Returning to Pacific Lutheran University, he was graduated in 1964 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology. The following year he began post-graduate work in literature at PLU. In September of 1965 he entered Luther Theological Seminary, St. Paul, Minnesota.


His year of internship was spent in Madison, MN under the guidance of Pastor O. E. Engebretson. During the summer of 1968 he received Clinical Pastoral Education at Bethlehem Lutheran Church, Minneapolis, supervised by Pastor William Smith. He was graduated from Luther Theological Seminary in June, 1969, receiving a Bachelor of Divinity degree, after which he returned to PLU for further post-graduate work in literature.


In July of 1963, he married Connie Lynn Studebaker, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Studebaker of Seattle. They have two children, Cheryl Ann and John David. Pastor Foss accepted a call to serve the churches at Harvey (Trinity Bethany), Heimdal (Hoff), and Manfred (Vang), ND where he began his pastorate June 14. 1970.


He served as Pastor of the Vang, Trinity Bethany and Hoff churches from 1970 until 1976 when he received a call from Bremerton, Washington.

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