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John and Veronica Froeber1

Husband's Full Name: John J. Froeber

Husband's Place of Birth: Harvey, ND

Husband's Father's Name: Amond Froeber

Husband's Mother's Name: Theresa Binder

Husband's Siblings' Names: Henry, John, Emma, Katie, Herman, Warren, Joe, Mrs. Fred Faul

Wife's Full Name: Veronica M. Schmitt Froeber

Wife's Place of Birth: Harvey, ND

Wife's Father's Name: Mathies Schmitt

Wife's Mother's Name: Margaret Schmitt

Wife's Siblings' Names: Martha Heber, Vincent, Richard, Gilbert, Carl,

Children's Names: Donald, Gerald, Betty (Don Pepple)

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John J. Froeber, oldest son of Mr. and Mrs. Amond Froeber, was born May 14, 1896 on a farm eight miles southwest of Harvey in a one-room sod house.  He attended four years of grade school at Pioneer Township School. Then had to stay home and help his dad on the farm, and he also worked for some of the neighbors. When he was twenty-one years old, he was drafted into the World War I Army and served in the battles overseas from March 28, 1918 until November 15, 1919. He was discharged on November 16, 1921.


He married Veronica M. Schmitt, oldest daughter of Matt Schmitt, who also lived on her parents' farm one mile south of the Amond Froeber’s. She attended the same school as John did up to the eighth grade. Then she had to stay home and help her mother with the housework and care of her sisters and brothers as eventually there were nine in the family.


After she and John were married, they moved to Anamoose, where John got a job as laborer on the Soo Line section crew. They lived there until 1925 when John got the foreman job at Bordulac. They lived there until 1931, when sections were taken out and foremen started bumping each other for jobs.


They went back to Anamoose as laborers again for two years, until he got the foreman job at Kensal. The family lived in Kensal for two years and again moved back to Anamoose, because John was once again bumped. After one year, he got the foreman job at Enderlin, worked hard there, and then bid on Manfred section. The family moved to Manfred in 1940. They lived there until 1970 when they moved to Fessenden. John retired in 1955 with a disability pension. Veronica worked at Manfred School as cook on the hot lunch program from 1956 to 1965 when she retired.



Their children were born during their moving days. Donald, the oldest, was born August 29, 1925, and he married Virginia Fryer of Harvey. He is an insurance agent in Crookston, MN. Jerry was born September 26, 1928 and married Betty Detling of Manfred. He is an operator of the Soo Line depot in Enderlin. Betty was born June 12, 1931, and she married Delaine Pepple of Fessenden. They live at Tioga and he works at Signal Oil Plant. John and Veronica have 15 grandchildren and five great-grandchildren.


Source: Growing with Pride 1906-1981 - History of the Harvey Area


John died in 1982, Veronica in 1994, sons Donald and Gerald died in 2001 and 2003 respectively.

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