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Wilhelm and Anna Goedecke

Husband's Full Name: Wilhelm Goedecke

Husband's Place of Birth: Hannover, Germany

1st Wife’s Name:  Mathilda Pagel

Place of Birth:  Lubeck, Germany

   Children:  Fred (Barbara Werlinger), Minnie (Emil Bundt),

   and Elsa (William McBain)

2nd Wife's Full Name: Anna Glaue

Wife's Place of Birth: Hannover, Germany

  Children's Names: Gustav (Tesse Hollar and Minnie), Wilhelm         (Doris)

Goedecke family - farm picture.jpg

Wilhelm Goedecke immigrated to the USA from Germany in 1887. He first settled in Fargo which was considered a struggling river city. In 1889 he married to Mathilda Pagel in Cass County. They settled in the area known as Manfred Township, the land was later owned by Albert Biever ¾ mile from Manfred. Wilhelm was one of the first people to make his home in the area.  They had three children. Mathilda died when she was only 30 years old and was buried in the Manfred Township Cemetery west of town. 


Following Mathilda’s death Wilhelm married Anna Glaue. She and her son Gustav had recently emigrated from Germany.  They settled in Manfred and a son Wilhelm Jr. was born to them. 


Their children attended school in Manfred. 

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