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Sven and Natalie Grane

Husband's Full Name:  Sven P. Grane

Husband's Place of Birth:  West Salem, Wisconsin

Husband's Father's Name: Peder Swendson Grane

Husband's Mother's Name: Maria Dorthia Larsdatter

Husband's Siblings' Names: Peter N., Lars M., Petrena, Mekal, Maren, Anton, Berndt, Pauline, Anna Wolford, Olga, Delia, Benek

Wife's Full Name:  Natalie Jacobson Grane (Hattie)

Wife's Place of Birth:  Toronto, South Dakota

Wife's Father's Name:  Christian Jacobson

Wife's Mother's Name: Ellen Caroline Johansdatter

Wife's Siblings' Names:  Lillian (Charles Fjerstad)

Children: none

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Sven Grane (pronounced Grana) came to Manfred in 1896 with the Johnson brothers.  He was the Manfred News Editor and wrote very colorful, informative items about Manfred each week from 1905-1907. From these news articles we have been able to gather history on the village and are very grateful to his work. 


This item was written Aug 24, 1906, and example of his writing: S. P. Grane has installed an Oliver in his sanctum sanctorum. He traded off his old “Williams” towards it when the general salesman Mr. Markwood was here. The typewriter is a standard machine, up-to-date in all particulars and is an honor to the man using it. 


Sven homesteaded the southeast 40 acres of Section 20 in Manfred Township.  On this land he built a claim shanty with 2 x 4’s and attached vertical boards to the exterior. Later this land was transferred to John A. Johnson who owned the adjacent the land in this section. 


In 1909 he married Natalie, aka Hattie. They moved to Bowman, North Dakota. His wife Hattie died in 1936. He later moved to Oregon to live with his sisters and brothers. He died on August 30, 1959 in Salem, Oregon.

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